Clarinet Mouthpieces
If anything can cause more dissent amongst clarinet players than the choice of reeds it is the the choice of mouthpieces. The internal shape of the mouthpiece and the material of which it is made have a considerable effect upon the tone produced. The length and width of the area over which the reed can vibrate, and the way the reed is fastened all interact with the reed to alter tone, ease of blowing and control. There are other more subtle factors as well, but the most obvious and immediate difference between mouthpieces is the gap between the tip of a properly fitted reed and the tip of the mouthpiece. The chart repoduced below shows the tip opening of some popular mouthpieces. When looking for a new mouthpiece, start by trying ones with a similar opening. ** Link to be added ** - Catalogue and prices for mouthpieces
Clarinet Mouthpiece openings chart (5K)
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